We are the Costa family, and we would like to welcome you to our website. Our love for good food, and especially high – quality meat, started well before our 20 year experience of trading meat all over the world.

The pandemic of 2020 and the lockdown has allowed us to devote more quality time with our family, bonding while cooking and enjoying good food. During those difficult times, the time you spend around the grill and dining table with your loved ones are the ones you cherish the most and this is where the idea of The Steak Factory was born.

From the goodies found at our table, and the lovely memories shared with our family, the Costa family likes to share with you our expertise and love of good food, by offering you various lines of fine beef cuts and other goodies that meet our selective and elective palate.

Our prime purpose is finding the finest quality of meat at affordable prices for everyone.

Bon appétit!

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